National Community Development Week

Posted on 04/15/2022
Football field surrounded by several black Oakley signs and a few constituents.

CIFD is celebrating National Community Development Week, April 11-15, 2022, to recognize the longstanding accomplishments of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in Los Angeles.  CDBG is a federal grant from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to address the community needs of residents with low income, and funds programs such as housing rehabilitation, social services, small business assistance, sidewalks, parks, community centers, homelessness assistance, and much more. The City of L.A. has been using this important grant to improve the city for 47 years.  Here are two current projects of special note:

Aerial view of the Vision Theater

Vision Theater:  CDBG is one of several sources of funding that is supporting the restoration of Vision Theater, which first opened in 1931.  It is being transformed to become a performing arts center and a training center for the diverse cultural talent reflective of the surrounding Leimert Park and Baldwin Hills community.


Field picture of a South Park sign and balloon arches

South Park: Established in 1900, South Park has been undergoing a number of improvements with the support of CDBG and other funding sources.  Upgrades include the various sports fields and the Promenade, and is an important amenity in the historic Central Avenue neighborhood.